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"If at first you don't succeed", the old saying goes, "then skydiving is not for you".

Fortunately, walking is a much safer and more forgiving activity than jumping from a plane. You can take it at whatever pace you want. You can start any time, regardless of your physical shape.


Maybe the only walking you do is from the sofa to the fridge for a beer? Or that frantic "where did I leave my phone?" tour of your house you take every now and then? WalkClub is for people like you, new to the scene and seeking company. There are millions of square miles of unspoiled beauty around the world waiting to be discovered, and walking in it is the most healthy and rewarding experience you'll ever have.

Our Mission

WalkClub is a non-profit group set up to bring people together to explore nature and rejuvenate themselves physically and mentally. Here you'll find thousands of people who, like yourself, would love to walk more but were put off by the idea of going it alone from the start. As with many new activities, the presence and encouragement of others will make the transition from couch potato to countryside enthusiast pleasurable and exhilarating.

Endless possibilities

WalkClub covers the widest range of activities connected with country walking. You may just want to form a group of neighbors who take a stroll every weekend, or gather a small bunch of people with a shared interest (what better place to discuss your fixation with Star Wars trivia than in the wilderness?) But the further possibilities are endless. 

For instance, you can use the app to organize walking fundraisers for various health and wellness charities, thus boosting awareness of the health benefits of exercise at the same time.

No Borders

WalkClub is world wide. If you visit a new country or region, what better way to meet the locals and discover the region's natural beauty than connecting with the local walkers? Yes, you could also meet people through the local Fast Food Lovers' Club (if they can squeeze in one more at their table), but rest assured you'll find a better class of person among the walking fraternity.


WalkClub is also perfect for business meetups. Walk and Talk gatherings are becoming increasingly popular with executives. Get healthier while getting work done. Sure, you could opt for a stay in a dreary hotel topping up your cholesterol level in the restaurant, but why not pick beautiful and healthy surroundings instead? Maybe the next Apple or Facebook will first see the light of day on a walking trip.


WalkClub also makes walking fun, especially for young people. You can share photos on the app, and our badges and rewards make the challenges more exciting. You can also keep up with how you're benefiting from it all, thanks to Apple health tracking. 

Walking and medicine

WalkClub is also ideal for medical institutions and health coaches to introduce their clients to the benefits of walking. We are integrated with Apple Health, so walkers can easily find the best walking plan and track their progress in real time.

Start Walking Now

So what's stopping you? There's a world out there to be discovered and enjoyed, Technology has made it easy to link with others and find your way. 

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